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our generous land

The Banavas Estate grove is located in the small settlement of Mikro Vavdo in Chalkidiki, in the shadows of mountain Vigla and overlooking the emerald sea. In this land, our olive trees grow under ideal conditions and generate the unique green olives of Chalkidiki. There are many green olives produced in the world, but ours are one of a kind. The Greek sun ripens them, the gentle sea breeze matures them, and our love gives them the best flavor. It all began four generations ago, with merely few trees that came from the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos) and gave us ways to survive and reasons to live. This is why we have decided to honor our olive groves. To glorify their fruits. To treat them with the respect they deserve.


Today we have thousands of trees, having created one single, ultra modern, and strictly regulated grove. The inherited experience and know-how in the cultivation of olive, the respect to the needs of this generous, yet rigid tree, are combined with new, modern farming techniques. This entire operation is self-financed and its people hold the absolute control of the raw material, the production, packaging, distribution and sales. Our effort to achieve the creation of high quality products includes our cooperation with exceptional associates that inspect, certify and undertake each production stage, so as to guarantee the creation of a gourmet, healthy, and tasty product, as well as of unprecedented combinations.



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