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Those who dare win

This is the ancient Greek motto that encapsulates our philosophy. After their travels and professional experiences in Greece, the UK and Germany, the Banavas family converted education, knowledge and skills into an ambitious venture. They invested in land, channeling their energy and creativity in nature. In the shadows of the perennial trees, planted by our ancestors, the two brothers united tradition with innovation. And that proved to be fruitful, since nature rewarded them. This is how Inolivia was created; as a child of tradition, technology and creativity. Inolivia is based on love for innovation and its creators’ devotion to high quality products. A pallet filled with the flavors, colors and aromas of the Greek nature. The table is set for the entire world; a table without borders, filled with the fruits of the land of Chalkidiki, where everyone is invited. There is no other reason to celebrate, but about life itself and its simple joys. So, we drink to your health!


Our very own olive

The inherited knowledge and experience of four generations created a unique new product, so nutritious and pure that, through the mildest processing, ensures excellent quality and high nutritional value. The firm flesh, juicy flavors, and exceptional culinary combinations with the unexpected fillings of the Inolivia products make your table unique. The succession of colors and flavors is constantly renewed, since we are always experimenting and suggesting new combinations and imaginative culinary journeys. This is how the primordial flavor of the olives travels through time and within new versions accompanies the most beautiful moments of the entire world. It speaks every language and addresses every human sense; served with red or white wine, whiskey or vodka, tsipouro and ouzo; as a simple but nutritious breakfast or a quick snack. Each product is available in convenient packaging to meet the consumer’s various needs.


Only the best olives become Inolivia

The green olive of Chalkidiki has been declared a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product. The fruit is prematurely picked in mid-September (more specifically after September 14th), exclusively by hand, without any mechanical means that would potentially bruise its sensitive texture. What distinguishes the Inolivia products is their excellent state, as they reach our table. This is achieved thanks to a very strict sorting process, repeated at each processing stage. The first sorting begins at the grove. The olives are examined one by one. The bruised ones and the leaves are removed and the remaining are classified by size. For 6 to 8 hours the fruits are subjected to a debittering process, and then left for 6 to 9 months in a special brine mix to become soft and edible. This is where creativity and imagination take over! The people of Inolivia, through a new and even more careful selection, remove the pits and, in a continuous effort to invent new culinary combinations, hand-stuff the olives with selected fillings, such as: almonds, garlic, peppers and many more, or marinate the olives in mixtures seasoned with herbs from the Greek nature. All the above are combined with production processes that always aim to create high quality products, display consistency and reflect Inolivia’s continuous growth.


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