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Chalkidiki Green Olives
with pits (whole)

Stewed octopus w. olives & Mt. Athos olive bread

Inolivia with Pits (whole)


1 octopus (of approximately 1.5 kilo)
200 gr of Inolivia green olives with pits
2 red onions with their skin
2 daphne leaves
½ a cup of red wine
¼ of a cup of vinegar
Black peppercorns
Olive oil


Cut the octopus into strips. In a pot add all the ingredients -except from the olive oil, the olives and half of the quantity of the wine. Simmer with the lid on for approximately 40 minutes. Remove the strips, drain the juice and set it aside.
Place the octopus strips in a pan, add the olive oil, the olives and the rest of the wine and cover with the olive bread’s dough (contact us for the recipe), making sure it’s neatly pressed on the sides of the pan.

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The traditional recipe of the Chalkidiki green olive, preserved through centuries. The clean flavor of the olive travels through time and space, and narrates tales from the interminable Greek summers. Simple, yet so strong, the Chalkidiki green olives are pure products that bring to today's table a flair from the past.

The fruit of the olive tree is an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids. It gives the human body fibers and minerals and is a very good source of Vitamin E that has anti-oxidant properties and can delay the aging of cells.

A globally known companion for Martini, whether in the glass or as an accompanying snack. But let’s not forget that a small plate with tomato, Feta cheese and few green olives sprinkled with fresh oregano and olive oil are ideal for a glass of tsipouro. Now, that’s one of the most authentic images in the category of summery Greek snacks!

Available in

Jar 200gr

Tin 13kg

Plastic container 10kg

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